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Basquiat Conference on October 19, 2022

Emily MacDonald-Korth

Oct 4, 2022

Hidden Images, Symbols, and Inscriptions: Viewing Basquiat's Works in a New Light

On October 19, I will be speaking about my research into the materials and techniques of Jean-Michel Basquiat at a conference organized by the University of Delaware Art Conservation Department. Six speakers will discuss why Basquiat's works are in demand, his use of hidden inscriptions and the pigments and oil sticks that make the marks, his collaborations with Andy Warhol, the creation of art-making kits that teach the techniques of Basquiat, and the experience of using the teaching kits to instruct high school students. The conference will take place on Zoom and the registration link can be found below, or on the attached PDF. It should be a very interesting afternoon and I hope you'll attend.

Keynote speaker, Franklin Sirmans, Director of the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)

will open with "Why is there such a market for Basquiats?"

Emily MacDonald-Korth, Chief Conservator-Scientist, Longevity Art Preservation

"How to see what’s invisible: Basquiat’s hidden inscriptions"

Dr. Kristin de Ghetaldi, Senior Painting Conservator, deGhetaldi Fine Art Restoration LLC

"Flesh and Spirit, Masonic Lodge, and delving into Basquiat’s use of oil sticks"

Christine Daulton, Consulting Conservator for the Andy Warhol Museum

"Warhol and Basquiat: how it started, how it's going"

Brian Baade, Associate Professor, University of Delaware, Painting Conservator, and Researcher of Historical Painting Materials and Techniques

"From livestock to the auction block: An introduction to oil sticks with a brief overview of the materials used by Basquiat and the creation of educational kits"

Mary Larsen, Artist and Art Educator at Don Soffer Aventura Charter High School

"Engaging high school students in contemporary art"

Basquiat Conference Flyer October 19, 2022
Download PDF • 278KB

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